Hard boiled egg cookies

One of the most fun things about Easter is dying eggs with the kids. This year, we decided on 18 eggs to split between our two older kids. I made them a pretty sweet set up. 


 My son’s eggs.  


My daughter’s eggs. 

But what to do with all those eggs? My daughter loves hard-boiled eggs and ate some throughout the week for breakfast. 

But I kept seeing hard boiled egg cookies pop up on my Facebook newsfeed. It only makes two dozen cookies, so I wouldn’t be at the oven for a while making dozens and dozens of cookies. It also only requires two eggs, leaving plenty for my daughter to eat. 

The recipe is from Cookies and Cups. 


Here is everything you need:   

Flour, semi sweet chocolate chips, a cup of softened butter, chopped eggs, brown sugar, vanilla, baking soda, and salt.


Beautiful dough. 


Two and a half dozen cookies!

My recipe made 31 cookies. They are some of the most delicious chocolate chip cookies that I have ever made! They puff up nicely and settle down into a soft, chewy cookie. I would definitely make them again. 

The “bad” news. I know some of you will hate to hear this, but they are about 190 calories each! I put the recipe into My Fitness Pal since I am tracking right now.  They are so good and are definitely breaking my healthy diet this week. I find it hard to resist dipping one in my hot morning coffee. 

All in all, it is an A+ recipe. You just have to try it!



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