Phanatics and Babies

Hello, blog world. I haven’t been here in five whole months!

I’ve been busy. Sort of.  I finished up my third pregnancy just five weeks ago!  My beautiful baby girl is healthy and happy. My labor was short and sweet; in total, it was just three hours with only about five minutes of pushing.  Something like that.  I was out of it!

I have missed cake decorating immensely. But something I learned over the past two months’ break is that I love taking care of my kids. And that I am better at it when I am not distracted by a million other things. They are a lot of hard work! I am teacher, cook, kisser of boo-boos and broken egos. Now I am a breastfeeding mom again and my hands are very full.

How does cake decorating fit into my life? I am not sure right now! I’m still figuring out my new baby. Nights are hectic sometimes. Dealing with overproduction means my baby is gassy, fussy, and tends to spit up.

Being a mom means putting the kids first, but you also have to make time for what you love. The baby’s baptism is coming up on the 22nd of March and I am determined to make her a beautiful cake that will fulfill my need to make something wonderful with my hands.

So far, I have made a cross topper and a baby out of fondant.

They came together quickly. I have fondant already made from November, I believe. It doesn’t go “bad”, don’t worry. Besides, no one is going to be eating my little fondant baby!

I am also working on fondant cake toppers for a customer.

They’re not due until late April, but I wanted to get started on them as soon as possible. I don’t believe in procrastinating, especially when it comes to something that somebody commissioned and is paying money for.

The Phanatic toppers are definitely more of a challenge than the baby. I can’t use a mold, so I have to figure out how to make them as I go, which means do-overs and trying over and over again. Since I need them to be sturdy, I used straight Wilton fondant (old formula), not LMF fondant (which is better for covering cakes with as opposed to making figures). Inside are skewers, which are thicker than toothpicks and thinner than dowel rods. The skewers worked perfectly to get these standing still.

The shirts were more challenging than anticipated. They took several tries to get correct. I thought I was satisfied with the male Phanatic, but then the lady Phanatic’s shirt looked better than the male’s. So, even though I had already made his shirt several times, I made him another. One last try. I was pleased with the result.

Inquiries are already starting to come in for 2015. I’m really not sure how to handle them quite yet. I want to be 100% there for my children and my new baby and I’m not sure how the stress of making cake for others fits into my life at the moment. But with time, prayer and patience, I will figure it out what is best for myself and my family. 🙂


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