April-May Works In Progress

I will be making three cakes this month: an Easter cake for my family, a small birthday cake for a friend and a fancy wedding shower cake.

Last year for Mother’s Day, my husband made me my own fondant drying rack. I guess he got really tired of cookie sheets full of fondant everywhere. Where, you ask? I would have them in the craft closet, on top of the toaster oven (which we would have to scoot somewhere else to use said oven), on top of the microwave, on top of the refrigerator …

So, he built me this:

Fondant drying rack

Drying rack for decorations

And it has improved our sanity greatly! I am grateful to have such a crafty husband.

My first work-in-progress is for Easter. I saw a project on Wilton.com and decided I just had to try it our because it is just so beautiful. And I knew my mother would love it.

Easter cake prep 2

Fondant branches

Easter decorations

Blossoms, birds and leaves

I learned a lot about the Wilton mold, too. That for the more intricate cavities in the mold, you just need to let your fondant rest a couple minutes and flip the entire thing over and your shape falls right out. Also, use corn starch. It is your FRIEND!

I had an entire section about one other cake I’m working on, but it’s a surprise and she might see this … So I took it out for another post for another day!

My last cake is for May. My husband’s cousin has ordered so many cakes from me. I guess you could say that she is my best “client”. This time it is a shower cake for her sister. Her original idea involved a shoe box, but I’m not sure I can execute that perfectly, so I’m doing something a little different.


Gumpaste shoe and two heels

A must-have was the shoe. After a lot of Google-searching, I found a tutorial that got me started. Find it HERE. I bought a styrofoam block from Michael’s and made a shoe dryer with a serrated knife. Then, using my template, I cut out the shoe and the liner out of gumpaste. I brought in teal to tie in with her invites by making the show liner teal.

There are two heels above because I’m not happy with the first one that I made. I made it in a rush, so I re-did it. This is one of the many reasons why I work so far in advance. It gives me wiggle-room for screw ups!


Gumpaste roses

She also wanted flowers. A week or so ago, I prepped my buds and the yellow-part of the lilies (technical terms here, haha)! Having really set, I then made two roses and two lilies. I’ve gotten her feedback so far and she LOVES everything that I have made for her cake so far.


I also cut out their names with Tappits and have prepared some leaves.

Well, that’s all I have for now! I look forward to showing you how these cakes all come together over the next month.



UPDATE: I wrote a majority of this on Saturday … Well, on Sunday I made one more thing. A “40” cake topper. I think I am officially out of room for decorations. This is for a cake due May 17.


40 gumpaste cake toppers


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